About Us

Reality Corp (One4Reality.com), in association with the Columbus Museum of Art (www.columbusmuseum.org) is proud to bring you One for Art: A competition based around making your own decisions and content with art. In this competition, each participant will be able to more fully explore the world of art. In the future, Reality Corp wi((((((**%@*!((((#&*(

and so, from all of us here at Reality Corp, we look forward to working with you, to work for you building a better tomorrow. May the contest begin!

We apologies for any anomalies on the site. We are currently tracking down the people responsible and will have everything restored to normality as soon as possible.

*Update, the contest has not yet begun*
*Update, the winner of the contest may not receive stated prize*
*Update, do not trust anyone claiming to be a Reality Corp employee without ID*
*Update, if you encounter such a person, please report the incedent*