One for Art Competition:

There will be two phases to this competition.

1. The deliberation phase.
2. The voting phase.

Phase 1: Deliberation

The deliberation phase will take place between voting phases. This is a less structured phase and revolves around your critical thinking and communication with other participants. We also encourage you to consider Reality Corporation’s viewpoint on the situations offered.

During the deliberation phase, you and the other participants will discuss the merits of one painting over another. As Reality Corp has expertise in a vast number of fields, we recommend that you take our suggestions with gravity, and consider it a favor as we’ll have your task that much easier.

You may also come across some voting-shape-pieces during this phase. If given to you by any persons posing as Reality Corp employees, we encourage you to return the shape-pieces to an official Reality Corp employee. This same return policy applies to any participants that may find, or otherwise come to possess, the shapes as well.

Phase 2: Voting

The voting phase will take place over the course of one day. This day will be made known at least one day in advance to ensure that you, the participants, will be able to make it to our voting booth on time. The booth will be placed prominently somewhere in the museum. Voting will start and end at the scheduled times.

Participants will need specially-made-shape-pieces to vote on the paintings. This way, every voice will be heard in our painting selection process.

With this in mind, the shapes that are used can only be four sided. This is to ensure that the voting system will be fair for everyone that participates.

Along these same lines, once a shape has been registered, it cannot be used to vote again. However, shapes can be combined to create new shapes, assuming the new shapes have 4 sides. This is because our technology is unable to process too many shapes. As such, you may pair your shapes up with a friend to create the larger combined versions. We are only voting on two paintings per cycle so it’s not like your voice will matter that much.

***This is a fake competition, there is no award being given out. The outcome of this game won’t affect your, or any other participants’ future in anyway. This is an ARG***